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Can You Name Your Signature Style?

How do you decide what to wear every day? Do you have a unique style, or a style uniform, that makes you feel confident when you walk out the door?

Can you describe your style in 2-3 words? I’m talking about actually identifying style characteristics such as Classic, Bohemian, Sporty, Chic, etc. and name YOUR unique mix?

You can probably identify some style elements you like and don't like. For example, you may not like ruffles or bows, but you like blue and white striped tops, tailored jackets, and skinny jeans with a bit of stretch. 😜 That's a great start to naming your signature style.

I’ve been teaching women to define the way they want to feel in their clothes, and express their signature style, for over ten years. They tell me it really makes a difference when they take time to evaluate and name their signature style.

“I'm really enjoying this class. I'm learning a lot and it's really making me take time to evaluate what my style is. I'm so used to dressing in business suits for work that I never really focused on business casual, or casual styles. I feel like in my casual life I just always wore jeans with a top or jacket/sweater. I want it to be more interesting now and I want my work clothes to be fun, stylish clothes.” – Jeannie M.

Why is it important to be able to describe your signature style?

There are 4 very good reasons...

#1 Perhaps you've had a lifestyle change.

Let's say you’ve been working in a conservative office environment for some years and now that you’re retired or following a new passion, you want to wear clothes that aren’t as buttoned up and tailored. Where do you begin exploring your personal style? This is such an exciting, creative time in your life to bring in more color and expressive style!

“I have stubbornly remained unsure of my "style", but this cemented it. It was the little clues Linda gave that finally pulled it together for me. I have been great about purchasing items within my color palette, now I can be more confident purchasing items that fit my "style" as well. It makes dressing myself fun instead of stressful.” Susan S.

#2 It makes your closet more coordinated and organized (and saves you money!)

When you have a clear vision of your style, your closet becomes more organized. Instead of having a bunch of mismatched, random items (that sounded good in the moment) your closet becomes harmonious and minimal. And that results in more cohesion because you're not buying clothes that are outside your signature style. Everything is an expression of YOU!

"Linda taught me the fundamentals of style, and I feel much more confident about picking out colors and styles. I am going to continue working on building a capsule wardrobe for both work and casual and for different seasons. I am going to stop "hiding" in my clothes and start using my clothes to make a statement about myself." Paula G.

#3 Shopping is easier and more satisfying because you don’t waste time buying pieces you’ll never wear.

You can easily pass up the pieces you know don’t match your signature style and focus in on the clothes that do. It makes shopping much less time-consuming and overwhelming to narrow down your options.

When you know your style, it’s empowering. I tell my style clients they will no longer have to walk into a department store and rely on the sales person to bring clothes to her dressing room. If you enjoy this service, then you'll be able to hand her your color card, and give her your 2-3 signature style description and she'll know exactly what to bring you! Being clear about your own style allows you to pass up the things that you KNOW don’t fit your style personality.

“This workshop has made me so aware of what is for me from not only the right clothes but the right hairstyles. It truly was one of the best things I did for myself. Worth every penny and way more!! Choosing the right clothes with the right fit and color is so much easier and by far more enjoyable. Just amazing in so many ways!!” Maria W.

#4 Your confidence SOARS because your clothes reflect your personality and who you are inside.

Style is an expression of who you are. Simply that. It’s a way to communicate and express who you are inside, on the outside. If your clothes don’t align with YOUR personality, you may confuse people when they meet you. Instead, you want to create a harmonious image that aligns your inside with your outside appearance. People will get you! And you'll feel more comfortable in your own skin when you walk out the door.

“The impact your support, style workshops, and Facebook groups has had on my life is phenomenal. I've gone from feeling like I don't really 'fit in' in the professional world to getting amazing feedback on a regular basis. I am told regularly now that I come across as very professional in an accessible and inspiring way.” Sondra A.

Hopefully you’re convinced that knowing your Signature Style will help you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin.

I teach the process of determining your Signature Style in Step 3 of my Style Your Way To Success In Your Second Act Course. Check it out! It's affordable, easy to follow, and effective. I'm with you every step of the way.

Hey! I’ve got the self-guided style course ready for you to explore your colors, body image, and signature style right now! Take as long as you need to go through all 17 video lessons and workbooks. Style Success In Your Second Act It’s got so many practical style tips you can use to boost your outfits instantly!

With this style course, you’ll:

✔ Discover the COLORS that INSTANTLY make you look and feel younger and more energetic 👏

✔ Learn how to dress your BODY SHAPE in ways that FLATTER and make you feel beautiful 💥

✔ Create your SIGNATURE STYLE that expresses your style personality👌

✔ Have a wardrobe that is COHESIVE and STYLISH 🎉🥰

Click HERE to begin your style journey now!

“The experience has been life changing, I have gone from wearing tracksuits each day to skirts and pants/jeans with a nice top. When going out I no longer just throw anything on, it is done with thought. This whole process has made me feel more confident about what I wear, and realise I was stuck in a style rut.” Sue M.

“Linda is a true professional and an excellent educator. I thought the videos were the perfect length and very well done. Linda has a great speaking voice and inspires confidence with her enthusiasm!” Beth B.

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