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Stylishly Designed

Linda empowers you to look more put-together, organize your closet, sell your discarded treasures, and feel beautiful inside and out.

Linda makes it easy to fall in love with your body again!

Linda Waldon is a personal stylist who teaches the art of being your most confident, attractive and interesting self. With her combined business background and love of fashion and the arts, Linda empowers women to become more credible and magnetic, attracting more confidence and joy.

Linda lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her artist husband, Robert Oblon, and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Miles. As a new southwest resident, she is drinking in the bluest blue skies, purple mountain vistas, and desert vastness.

“As a woman over fifty you have all the experience, knowledge, and wisdom you need. But sometimes, along the way, you may lose your confidence. Oh, you know you’re competent and capable all right, but when you look in the mirror, all you can see is your wrinkles, muffin top, and expanding midsection. I understand because I am a woman over fifty, too."

Reach Linda via email at or phone (805) 550-2923.

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