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Reduce Closet Clutter & Gain Style!

Gain closet joy and style clarity!

Linda brings over 10 years of personal styling experience to your home (Santa Fe Area) or wherever you live (Virtually). Linda will do an initial color & style consultation to identify your best colors, body shape, personal style preferences and lifestyle needs. Then, Linda sorts through your closet with you to decide what to keep and what to sell or donate. As part of this service, Linda will also create outfits you may not have imagined from the clothes you're keeping!

Email, text or call Linda to create a plan to reduce your closet clutter. or 805-550-2923.

"It was wonderful to have you come to the house yesterday, you were a great help. I loved your help with purging my closet and was amazed that all this time I have been picking the wrong the colors, who knew?." - Julie W.

"Thank you again for making the process so easy and fun, it's a great service that you provide." - Joyce L.

"OMG!!!!  you made me cry!!! That was SO much fun!!! I love it! Thank you!!!!!  Love those styles [you put together]!" - Linda S.

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