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Turn Clothes Into Cash!

Gain closet joy and turn your clutter into cash!

Are you hanging onto clothes and fashion accessories you never wear? Are you feeling badly about the money you spent on shopping mistakes? Let Linda turn your fashion items into CASH!!

Linda will use her personal stylist expertise to help you decide what to sell and what to keep. She will determine the best way to recoup your investment and all the details it takes to sell items, including inventorying, deciding whether local consignment or online consignment is best, delivering your items, tracking sales and payments to you.

Call Linda to create a plan to reduce your closet clutter and recoup your investment. Phone or Text: 805-550-2923.

"While I like clothes and like looking good, I didn’t really know what I liked and why I’d come home with some clothes and never wear them. Linda helped me sort through my closet and took charge of selling the clothes I never wore. I am much clearer about what looks good on me, and I made some of my money back." - Jennifer S.

"I'm a big fan of yours. I feel more put together now that I don't have all the clutter in my closet." - Abby L.

"I am so happy you were able to convert my unworn clothes and handbags into cash. Thanks again for your kind heart, non-judgemental spirit, and professionalism." - Margaret R.

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