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Haute Necklaces by Helen

Selected Jewelry Design For Sale

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Helen Anderson is an artistic renaissance woman who lives a vibrant, active life on the California Central Coast. Helen is a dancer, Jewelry designer, and women's clothing expert. Married to a musician, Helen lives in San Luis Obispo with her husband and enjoys all the cultural activities on the Central Coast.


Always hunting for jewelry treasures, Helen enjoys spending her time searching through antique shops for the perfect piece she can turn into a gorgeous necklace. She travels quite a bit, so her treasures are from all over the world.


In addition to creating new jewelry, Helen enjoys transforming a necklace you seldom wear because there's something wrong with it into a piece of jewelry you want to wear every day! Her creativity and love of metals, precious stones, and design show through as she sculpts one-of-a-kind pieces you'll love to wear.

Here's how to purchase Helen Necklaces:

1. Click on the "Shop" button below. If you'd like to know the length or more details of a particular necklace, email Linda at and she'll give you the details.

2. Add as many necklaces to your Cart as you want. A flat rate of $10 Shipping & Handling is added to your order. Sorry, we only ship within the mainland U.S. at this time.

3. When you pay via PayPal (you can use your own credit card), we'll package and mail the necklace items to you!

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