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How to Build Your Personal Styling Business IN UNDER A YEAR So You Can Stop Working Jobs You Hate


Fast track building out your own 6-figure personal styling business in under a year with these 5 important keys.

What You'll Learn:

- Run & market your own style consulting business
- Identify clients for closet cleanouts
- Establish your client’s Style Profile: personal colors, body type & style, lifestyle activities, so you can make decisions of what stays and goes
- Find clothing and accessory gems that you can sell
- Choose the right venues to sell items

- Manage an inventory of client items, sales, receivables and payables
- Photograph, price and write enticing descriptions
- Be more sustainably fashion conscious
- Generate extra cash every month

What You'll Receive:

Live instruction with Linda 2 days a week for three weeks
Real world practice as a Personal Stylist
1:1 coaching with Linda
Business checklists & templates to set up your business
A copy of Linda's book "Turn Your Closet Into Cash!"

Week 1

Establish goals & identify clients

This is the type of business you can grow to be as big as you want. Globally, consumers toss out more than $460 billion worth of clothes that could be worn again! If you can't imagine yourself as a resale guru just yet, you will after my program. Believe me, almost every woman (and man) has high quality clothing and accessories they never wear. All you have to do is identify potential clients, make appointments, survey their closets, identify the castoffs, and get ready to sell!

Week 2

Determine client style profiles

Before you begin a closet clean out, you will learn how to determine your client's style profile and fashion needs. Otherwise, how will you know what clothes to keep and what to discard? I will share my system to determine someone's style profile: their color palette, body type/best clothing fit, signature style, and lifestyle. This took me ten years to develop and I'm giving it to you in just 3 Weeks!

Week 3

Get your ducks in a row to start earning $$$

This is the week to get your business set up properly so you have everything you need. You'll get a list of equipment, tools, and inventory setup. I will provide checklists for each step of the process. We're going to get started in your own closet! That's right. You'll learn by doing everything for yourself first. You'll create your style profile, do a closet cleanout, choose clothing/accessories to sell, list your items online and/or take them to local consignment stores, and generate cash right away.

Get in Touch

I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me with questions or comments. Ph: 805-550-2923 Email:

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